Punch & Judy Hint Of Mint Kid's Toothpaste

SKU: GCH-044-1002RUB


Age: 3+ years
Flavour: Mint
Fluoride: 1400 ppm
Size: 50ml
Package: Single


Is your little one feeling a little too grown up? Well, then they must try our Hint of Mint flavour. Crafted over years, we just add a hint of a mild mint, to bring you and your little one a much more pleasant brush time experience. So thanks to Punch & Judy, brush time won’t be a battle anymore.

Our toothpastes are formulated keeping in mind what’s best for your little one, i.e. the right amount of fluoride, and completely sugar free!

Customer Reviews

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Fiona Trussell
Great toothpaste for a child that hates mint!

My 8-year-old was barely putting any toothpaste on his brush because he absolutely hated the mint taste of his regular kids "mild mint" toothpaste. I was worried he wasn't getting the benefit of the fluoride, so looked for an alternative toothpaste with a milder mint flavour and came across Punch & Judy. I bought the mild mint and hint of mint versions and he liked the mild mint best as he said he could barely taste the mint at all. Now he's happy to use a
more normal amount on his brush and I'm pleased because teeth cleaning is much less of an ordeal and he's getting more fluoride to his teeth, so thank you Punch & Judy! Excellent customer service too.