Choosing the right toothpaste for kids comes from understanding the science behind it. When we are born, we have 30,000 tastebuds spread all around our mouth, however by the time we reach adulthood we only have 10,000 (mainly concentrated on our tongues). So kids are SUPERTASTERS.

They experience flavours more intensely than adults with a preference for sweet flavours – not because they like sugar particularly but because good things, like mother’s milk, are sweet and most toxic foods are bitter. So being ultra sensitive to bitter tastes is nature's way of stopping kids from consuming something that is likely to be poisonous.

It is this insight and many years of experience focused on kids toothpaste, that makes Punch & Judy the best choice toothpaste for your kid.


Punch & Judy toothpaste was launched in the 1950s as an alternative to strong mint toothpastes, recognising that kids needed a milder flavoured toothpaste which was gentler on their super sensitive palates.

It’s aim was to be “The Children’s Toothpaste” and was one of the first to offer a flavoured (Raspberry) and SUGAR FREE alternative. Over the years the pack has changed and different flavours have been introduced:

Here we see the Strawberry flavoured pack from the 1970s which highlights the “GENTLE TOOTHPASTE FOR CHILDREN”, sugar free and contains fluoride.

Then the packs reverted back to include the Puppet Show characters in 2004 and a wider range of flavours were also made available (there was also Very Berry and Orangey).


Today the characters from the Punch & Judy Show are reformed as is our range of kids toothpaste with it’s new, bright and engaging packaging. However one thing remains the same; the flavours that they have always loved which are now back and available to a new generation.

Our philosophy has not changed either. Punch & Judy is still “The Children’s Toothpaste” because no other brand has more experience and understanding of kids and what they need.

Many of the “popular” brands are focused on the lucrative adult market (where they fight tooth and nail (haha)). But it means they only pay lip service to their children’s offering - often a single product, normally mint flavoured.

Kids don’t like the harsh/bitter flavour of mint and so when it comes to trying to get them to brush their teeth it can turn into a battleground. Recent surveys have suggested that 35% of the Mums who were questioned said they were having difficulty getting their LOs to brush their teeth; ranking in difficulty close to getting them to eat their vegetables and getting them to go to bed!

95% of Mums who chose Punch & Judy and who reviewed the product, reported that their LOs loved the taste thus changing the brush time battle into fun time. Choosing the right toothpaste for your kid is now easy. Try Punch & Judy FIRST. 

Try the discovery pack. Or for the under 3s our specially formulated trainer toothpaste.