Punch & Judy Baby Strawberry (0-2 Years) Toothpaste

SKU: GCH-044-1004RUB


Age: 0-2 years
Flavour: Strawberry
Fluoride: 1000 ppm
Size: 50ml
Package: Single


When we are born, we have 30,000 taste buds which makes babies Supertasters. It’s also why kids hate anything that has a harsh flavour. There is a common misconception that we need mint in our toothpaste. In fact, we need fluoride in our toothpaste to have good oral hygiene. This gentle Simply Strawberry flavour has been developed over the years by Punch & Judy and is a taste children have always loved. Your child will love it too. Best of all, it's sugar free!

Win the brush time battle! Now you won’t have to deal with fuss and tears when brushing your little one’s teeth. This milk teeth toothpaste will overcome any resistance; a win win for Mums and Dads everywhere.